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Running Strength & Conditioning

Running injuries are very common. Injury prevention could be helpful, especially if you are training for longer distances like a half or full marathon. There is no one reason why runners get injured, but there are many ways to help them prevent injury.

The strength and conditioning program has been designed for runners to focus on elements such as Strength TrainingLoad ManagementRunning Technique, and Recovery Plan to enhance their running economy and also help them to minimize running injuries. Whether you are an amateur runner who would like to start your 5k or 10k run or a high-level athlete, you can use this program. We will customize your training intensity according to your goals and preferences.

Initial Assessment

We will take you through an hour consultation to cover your running goals (short-term/long-term). We assess your running technique (Gait Analysis) and also your strength and agility. We will customize a short-term and long-term plan for you to follow.

Gait Analysis?

Running gait analysis is an effective tool to help you to improve your running technique. As a part of your initial assessment, we will be using video analysis to evaluate kinematic patterns, which is an effective way to recognize various running styles and create a comprehensive management plan that addresses any biomechanical errors.

Customized Training Program

You will get a customized short/long-term training plan, including a strength training routine, recovery plan, and detailed tips on how to improve your running technique.

One-to-One Training 

Your session will be 30min one of one training, and our physio will coach you closely to make sure you are following the right technique and form during the session. They also progress your routine gradually to avoid a plateau.

Weekly / Monthly Plan & Assessment

You will be getting a weekly/monthly plan to monitor your progress. This plan will give you a bigger picture of ways to monitor your weekly/monthly mileage and also dos and don’t to minimize your running injury. In Addition, we will assess your progress over the 6 weeks program, and you can measure your progress based on elements such as strength, and running economy, and overall performance.

The strength and conditioning for runners is a great kickstart to take your running to the next level. No matter you are a marathon runner or you recently started running, this program is suitable for any level.

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