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Pre / Post-operative Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy is an essential component of preparing you for surgery and aiding your recovery post-surgery. We are experts in providing preoperative programs in strengthening and can educate you when necessary on the use of assistive devices that might be required post-operatively.

In Dublin Sports Injury Clinic, we help with alleviating your pain, increasing strength, and re-establishing movement following surgery. We can assist patients in achieving their maximum fitness through direct hands-on treatment and carefully worked-out exercise programs tailored to the individual and the injury.

The time to recovery following surgery will depend on a number of factors, although age and pre-operative conditioning levels are important indicators, the type of surgery can have a massive influence too. For example, an ACL reconstruction patient may take at least 9 months to fully rehabilitate back to full function versus a minor arthroscopy to repair knee cartilage which usually sees a return to normal function within 6-8 weeks.

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