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In Dublin Sports Injury Clinic we find the root of your pain rather than treating the site of your pain & we get you back to your daily activity even stronger.


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Shin-Splints Treatment

Shin-Splints Treatment   Shin-splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), is defined by the American Medical Association as “pain and discomfort in the leg from repetitive activity on hard surfaces, or due to forceful, excessive use of foot flexures...

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ACL injury prevention – Part 1 (Ligament Dominance) 

ACL injury prevention - Part1 (Ligament Dominance)   Recall the component of the typical injury mechanism where the knee collapses into valgus > < position. The neuromuscular imbalance observed more frequently in women than men responsible for this...

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Osgood Schlatter

Osgood Schlatter   Osgood Schlatter syndrome presents in children who are experiencing growth spurts, (boys, 12-15 years; girls, 8-12 years) with local pain, swelling and tenderness over the patella tendon (tibial tuberosity).  It caused by overuse and...

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Frequently asked questions about our clinic


1- I have a private medical health insurance, am I covered for Physical Therapy treatment?

Yes, you are covered. Our treatments are covered by the main medical insurance companies, VHI, Laya, Aviva Health and Glo Health, It’s also covered by medical schemes associated with the ESB, Garda Medical Aid, PDFORA and RACO medical aid. However, we do advise you to check with your health insurance providers to see what you may be entitled to claim back in each session.

2- Who benefits from Physical Therapy treatment? 

Treatment helps all patients of all ages to relieve pain and improve movement, allowing your body to function in a pain-free and efficient manner. We find the root of your pain rather than treating the site of your pain, and we will design a customized treatment to help you to become pain-free as fast as possible and we get you back to your daily activity even stronger.

3. Do we have an Xray or MRI in our clinic?

Unfortunately, we do not have any kind of imaging facilities in our clinic.

4- How many treatments I will need? 

Each patient and each condition is different. Based on your assessment we will discuss the expected number of treatments and how you can expect your symptoms to resolve. We will explain you all options as you progress, and you will be reassessed by our team on each visit to review your progress.

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