Dublin Sports Injury Clinic is a physical therapy clinic based in Pearse Street, Dublin2. we specialize in any musculoskeletal or sports injury management, rehabilitation and also injury prevention. Whether you are an elderly person or a high-level athlete with acute or chronic pain (for instance, knee pain or back pain), we aim to heal whatever injury that may have arisen. Our treatment approach is fundamental to prevent the reoccurrence of injuries or their associated pain.




Initial Assessment


In our clinic we believe every patient has a story to tell regarding their injury etc. We listen to you and see how your injury effects your daily lifestyle. We rule out the cause of your pain and our treatment will focus on the cause of your pain rather than treating a painful site.

Patient Education


Patient education will be part of our treatment. Understanding the pain is essential for every individual for faster recovery. While we explain the how and why we perceive pain in a layman’s terms, we show you how to monitor your daily activity within a pain-free range of movement.

Diagnosis & Treatment


Our team has a holistic approach towards diagnosis and treatment. Initially, we assess not only the area that is sore, but also your body movements as a whole unit. We will explain your diagnosis in everyday language. We will design a customised treatment to help you to become pain-free as fast as possible. As a part of treatment, we use manual therapy to maximize your recovery.

Exercise Prescription


We are confident that you will receive customized rehabilitation exercises to help you to stay pain-free and get stronger. We also, show you the exercises and we coach you to get familiar with exercise techniques. Meanwhile, we progress your exercises step by step to assist you to take over and continue your exercises to full recovery.


Bob Firo

Bob Firo

MSc Sports Psychology
B.Sc. Physical Therapist  IPTAS
B.Sc. Physical Education and Sports Science
Certified Sport’s Massage Therapist
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Area of interest

Running Injury / Knee Injuries 
Back Pain  Acute / Chronic 
Athletic Performance
Sports Injury

Few ways to reduce your treatment costs at our clinic. 


1. Health Insurance: our treatments are covered by the main medical insurance companies, VHI, Laya, Aviva Health and Glo Health, It’s also covered by medical schemes associated with the ESB, Garda Medical Aid, PDFORA and RACO medical aid. However, we do advise you to check with your health insurance providers to see what you may be entitled to claim back in each session.

2. Refer a friend: The best feedback we receive is when our patients refer their friends, family or colleagues to the practice. As a gesture of thanks, we will email you a €10 off voucher for your next treatment.

3. Facebook/Google Reviews: We are always more than happy to look after our patients who spread the word of the clinic and the services we provide. When you send us a Facebook or Google review we will also send you a €10 voucher off your next treatment.